A Walk in the Clouds Gatlinburg cabin

Choosing the right cabin for your Gatlinburg vacation can make the difference between having just an “OK” time and having a great vacation experience. It all comes down to knowing what you and your family like and doing some research before booking your trip. That’s where this blog post comes in handy!

You’ve seen all the photos of the mountains, bears, waterfalls, aquariums, and countless other attractions here in the Smokies. As beautiful and as fun as they are, don’t forget to include relaxation and time with loved ones in your vacation. After all, it is sometimes the quiet times of reflection that we remember and cherish most and some of the best things in life are free.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when renting a Gatlinburg cabin with Jackson Mountain Homes:

How much should I spend?

Determine your vacation budget. Be sure to take into account all the real costs that you may incur. For example: lodging cost, transportation, meals, activities, entertainment, special events and gifts. And don’t forget to have some extra cash on hand! Here is our blog post about the best way to plan an affordable Smoky Mountain vacation.

Where should I stay?

If you are not already familiar with your destination, now is the time to learn all about Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains! This way, you can choose a cabin that will be close to the things that interest you and your family. Today, we live in the information age and all you need to know is available if you know where to look. Nothing is worse than having to drive long distances to do what you want in the Smokies when you could be staying nearby! Plus, when you add the extra cost of driving and the wasted time, you really lose by not planning ahead.

When should we take our Gatlinburg vacation?

First, decide how long you want your Gatlinburg vacation to be. You can stay at a Jackson Mountain Homes cabin anywhere from 2 night to 2 weeks! Next, look at the calendar and see when might work the best for you and your loved ones to take your vacation. Forecast the best time to get away from work and when the kids have a break from school. We recommend choosing back-up dates just in case the cabin you want isn’t available for the dates you want. Lastly, check availability on our website!

How early should I plan ahead?

With Gatlinburg vacation rental cabins it is especially true that “the early bird gets the worm”. The more time you wait, the less likely you will find the property that is best for you. If you are planning a vacation that falls on or near a holiday or special event, it is far better to plan at least 4-9 months in advance. Many repeat renters reserve their special Gatlinburg cabin for the next year, the day they check out!

Who am I traveling with?

Be sure to get with everyone in your party to know what their needs are. Make a list so that you don’t forget anyone and be sure to take any health issues into account such as stairs, etc. Check out our floor plans online so that you know that the layout of the home will suit your needs.

Also remember that everyone has different wants and needs when it come to a rental cabin. Things that are normal and expected to one person do not always translate to being available in a privately owned vacation rental home. For instance: If you drive a motorcycle or are the driver for a church group, you might think it is perfectly normal that a Gatlinburg rental cabin would have plenty of space to park a towed trailer. This is not the case! In fact, it is more often the opposite. It is typical in almost every resort community that parking is very limited and often restricted by law. Be sure you ask the right questions concerning your specific requirements before you book your reservation!

Which Gatlinburg cabin should I choose?

Search “Gatlinburg cabins” on Google and you’ll most likely be overwhelmed. That’s why we recommend starting with our website. Feel free to check other websites in the area. We are very confident that you will end up back at Jackson Mountain Homes, because we take your vacation personally! Remember that the best websites will give you all the pertinent information you will need about the properties, including all amenities, a floor plan, many photos, its location, and pricing. Floor plans are very important as they will give you the information as to how the house is laid out, where everyone will be sleeping, where the baths are located, and how the layout will suit your needs. Our website offers “Custom Search” options that allow you to select availability of Gatlinburg cabins that fit your needs, however, be careful not to select too many criteria because it can greatly limit your choices. It is best to start with the just the main criteria you must have and then narrow your search. For a bit more information on choosing your Gatlinburg cabin based on amenities, read Choosing Which Amenities You Want In A Gatlinburg Cabin. For your convenience, our website has a shopping cart, an “email to a friend” option, and/or an online brochure print features that really make it easy to show your selection to family and friends!

Which Gatlinburg attractions should I plan for?

Here again, the Internet gives you the power to research, plan, and purchase tickets before you leave home so you will know what you are doing long before you arrive. It also gives you the option to plan your entertainment budget and so that you can mix in free or low cost activities to fill the gaps and keep the cost of your vacation as low as possible. We offer an online concierge area that makes it easy to pick the things you want to do.

Here is a condensed printable PDF of this blog post that you can use when planning your trip to the Smokies: Checklist For Your Gatlinburg Vacation.

Now that you have all your needs, wants, and requirements down in writing and you have printed out your choices from your online search, it is time to make a choice. Remember that sometimes the best deal is not necessarily the cheapest price. Many vacation rental homes offer amenities that can greatly reduce the cost of your vacation. Eating in can reduce your food costs and grilling out makes it even more fun. Gatlinburg cabins that feature game rooms and/or home theaters can provide you with entertainment options for the entire family that would normally come at a high cost.

Once you’ve booked your Gatlinburg cabin, you might want to think about what to pack and our Frequently Asked Questions about renting a Gatlinburg cabin.

See you soon!

– Your Gatlinburg Concierge