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Getting to Gatlinburg

Getting to Gatlinburg, TN can be a "breeze" or it can be your worst nightmare unless you plan ahead. Please read our directions and precautions carefully to help you avoid delays. When you want to come to the mountains ... stay in the mountains! Gatlinburg is in the mountains!

Gatlinburg Tennessee ... Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Gatlinburg Area Map Arts & Crafts Loop Birds Creek Road Black Bear Falls Downtown Gatlinburg Dudley Creek East Highway 321 Roaring Fork Ski Mountain The Spur/Hwy 441

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Just A Day's Drive Away...Easy to Get Here! Hard to Leave!

In order to make your trip to Gatlinburg, Gateway to the Great Smokey Mountains a more pleasant one, we highly suggest that you refer to the Gatlinburg map above for general directions to Gatlinburg and that you plan to arrive during office hours, between 3 pm and 5:30 pm. Prior to leaving home, you should purchase detailed maps for your route to Gatlinburg. For directions you can get detailed directions and maps or contact Gatlinburg Department of Tourism Directions, AAA Motor Club, or use this web site for maps, travel updates and weather information.

Just prior to your trip you should monitor the weather for any possibilities of severe weather conditions along your route, especially during the winter months. In winter you need to be prepared with 4 Wheel Drive and tire chains. WARNING: Hwy 441, through the Smoky Mountains can be closed due to snow conditions. Don't get caught off guard. Images of the Christmas Snow Storm of 2010. You should call the National Park Service (865-436-1200) for possible road closings. Click here to check the current Smokies weather.


On weekends and during high season, traffic from I-40, Exit 407 to Gatlinburg or Cherokee to Gatlinburg can have long delays.

Shhhhh! Let this route be our secret! From I-40, Exit 440 or 443 – take Hwy 321 south about 20 miles (becomes East Parkway) towards Gatlinburg. At the Hwy 454 / Buckhorn Rd. intersection the road will become four lanes (Gatlinburg city limit). Continue straight on Hwy 321 for 1.7 miles to Jackson Mountain Homes at 1662 East Parkway which will be on your left. LOOK FOR OUR SIGN!
Jackson Mountain Homes SignFrom I-40, Exit 407 - go south approx. 8.4 mi. on Hwy 66 to the bypass to Hwy 411 in Sevierville, turn left on the bypass and go .6 miles to Main Street. Turn left on Main Street (Dolly Parton Parkway) approx. 3.2 mi. to Hwy 416 at Traffic Light # 19.0. (Stop and ask if you are not sure!) Turn right on Hwy 416 which turns into Hwy 454 (Known locally as Birds Creek then Buckhorn Rd.) to dead end at Hwy 321/East Parkway. Turn right on Hwy 321/East Parkway and travel 1.7 miles to Jackson Mountain Homes at 1662 East Parkway. The office will be on your left. From Hwy 441 - If you are traveling to Gatlinburg on Hwy 441 from the north or south, go to Traffic Light #3 on Hwy 441 in Gatlinburg (Note: Be sure you are in Gatlinburg). Take Hwy 321 North on East Parkway for 3.5 miles to Jackson Mountain Homes (on the right) at 1662 East Parkway.

Alternate Routes to Consider

It might be advisable to consider using alternate routes to Gatlinburg! Depending on your point of origin, you might consider one of the following routes: Note: Be sure to have a current map of the areas to be traveled in order to help avoid getting lost.

FROM VIRGINIA: Take I-81 South to I-40 East to Exit 440 or 443 and follow Hwy 321 South all the way into Gatlinburg. (View Map) Approximate drive time from interstate to Gatlinburg: 45 minutes.

FROM LEXINGTON: Take I-75 South to Knoxville I-640 East, then I-40 East to exit 440 or 443 and follow Highway 321 South to Gatlinburg. (View Map) Approximate drive time from interstate to Gatlinburg: 45 minutes

FROM CHATTANOOGA: On I-75 North take Exit 81 and follow Highway 321 North through Maryville and Townsend and Highway 73 to Gatlinburg. Approximate driving time from interstate to Gatlinburg: 70 minutes.

FROM NASHVILLE: From I-40 East take I-40 East to Exit 440 or 443 and follow Hwy 321 South all the way into Gatlinburg. (View Map) Approximate drive time from interstate to Gatlinburg: 45 minutes.

FROM ASHEVILLE: From I-40 West take Exit 443 and follow Foothills Parkway to Highway 321 South to Gatlinburg. (View Map) Approximate driving time from interstate to Gatlinburg:  45 minutes.

FROM ATLANTA: Take I-85 North to I-985 North to US 23. Take US 23 to Highway 23/441 to Highway 74/441 through Cherokee, NC to Gatlinburg. Approximate drive time from Atlanta: 4 hours 10 minutes. Note: During holidays, winter snows, or the busy season it may be better to take I-75 North to Exit 81 and follow Highway 321 North through Maryville and Townsend and Highway 73 to Gatlinburg. Approximate driving time from interstate to Gatlinburg: 70 minutes.

FROM KNOXVILLE: Besides Hwy 321 through Maryville and Townsend, another alternative to the Hwy 66 construction zone is Hwy 441 South (Chapman Hwy) from I-40 Exit 388 in Knoxville to Sevierville where keeping straight on Dolly Parton Parkway (Hwy 411) to Veterans Blvd. Turn right on Veterans Blvd and travel 8.3 miles to Hwy 441 South to Gatlinburg. Approximate drive time from Knoxville: 1hr 15 minutes (View Map)


Office Address: 1662 East Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

N-35 DEGREES 43.700'
W-083 DEGREES 27.371

Elevation: 1541'

Note: GPS has proven to be very reliable for getting to the JMH office where you will get a map with detailed directions to your vacation cabin. It is important to keep in mind that while GPS is useful in getting you from our office to your cabin there might be areas along the way where GPS reception is limited. It is very important that you rely on our directions to your cabin when using a GPS so that should you encounter a loss of signal on your GPS you will know where you are and how to continue to your cabin.


Es lo mejor si se puede llegar durante las horas que la oficina esta abierta.  Antes de salir de la casa,  se puede llamar a Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce (800-568-4748) o visitar nuestra website (www.jacksonmountain.com) para encontrar planos, mapas, informacion de viaje, e informacion del tiempo.  Es muy importante a tener un plano de Gatlinburg para su referencia.Antes de salir a su viaje, usted debe de poner atencion al tiempo para saber si hay mala condiciones en el tiempo.  En el invierno usted debe estar preparado a usar 4-llanta y/o cadenas de llantas.  ADVISO: Carretera 441 puede estar cerrado en las montañas si hay nieve.  Se puede llamar al Servicio de Parque (865-436-1200) para saber si hay caminos cerrados. 


De Carretera 441- Cuando llega a Gatlinburg, sigue al semaforo numero 3.  Todos los semaforos tienen numeros.  El pueblo de Pigeon Forge tambien tiene semaforos numerados entonces tiene que poner atencion que estas en Gatlinburg.  Al semaforo 3, doble al East Parkway/Carretera 321.  Sigue al norte por 3.5 millas.  Jackson Mountain Homes esta localizada a 1662 East Parkway.  La oficina se encuentra al mano derecha de la calle.  Busque nuestra señal.


De I-40, salida 407.  Sigue al sur aproximadamente 8.4 millas con la carretera 66.  Cuando llege a Sevierville, doble a la izquierda a la carretera de circunvalacion  411. Cuando llege a Main Street (Dolly Parton Parkway/Carretera 411) doble a la izquierda.  Sigue derecho 3.2 millas.  Doble a la derecha a carreterra 416.   Sigue derecho hasta cuando llege al señal de "stop".   Doble a la derecha (Birds creek/carretera 454).  Sigue derecho, el camino cambia a Buckhorn Road.  Al fin de Buckhorn road, doble a la derecha (Carretera 321/east Parkway)  Sigue 1.7 millas  a nuestra oficina.  Jackson Mountain Homes se encuentra al mano izquierda.  De I-40, salida 440 o 443. Toma carretera 321 (East Parkway) hacia Gatlinburg.  A la calle Buckhorn Road, continue 1.7 millas a nuestra oficina 1662 east Parkway.  La oficina se encuentra a la mano izquierda.  Hay una señal.

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  1. STOP AND ASK DIRECTIONS. Be sure you are in Gatlinburg. Many people confuse Pigeon Forge for Gatlinburg because the traffic lights are numbered in both towns.
  2. DURING BUSINESS HOURS CALL OUR OFFICE. Office is closed for lunch 11:30am-12:30pm. Check-In time is 3:00pm or after. Local Number for Jackson Mountain Homes is 865-436-8876 or 800-473-3163.

back to topHelpful Hints If You Are Flying....

McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) just south of Knoxville is the closest commercial airport:

  1. Before you leave home check the airport web site http://www.tys.org 865-342-2900 for air service or security information.
  2. 865-342-3333 for flight information.
  3. McGhee Tyson Airport is approximately a 1.5 hour drive from Gatlinburg, barring weather or high traffic conditions.

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