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Top 4 Breakfast Restaurants in Gatlinburg TN That Will Get Your Day Off to a Perfect Start

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  • February 14, 2017
pancakes with fresh berries

Although the cabins at Jackson Mountain Homes feature full kitchens where you can cook up your own breakfast, sometimes it is fun to get the family together for breakfast on the town! Fortunately, Gatlinburg is home to several fantastic breakfast restaurants where you can get your day off to a great start! Here are 4 of the top breakfast restaurants in Gatlinburg TN:

1. Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

The popular Crockett’s Breakfast Camp is named after David C. “Crockett” Maples, an American hero who served as a private and corporal in the Ninth Tennessee Cavalry during the mid 1860’s. After his military service, Crockett and his wife started a small supply store at the base of Mount LeConte and were known for serving hungry travelers the best home cooked breakfast in the Smokies. This tradition continues to this day with delicious specialties such as Hungry Hunters Huntcamp Skillets, Big Tennessee French Toast and Old Fashioned Cinnamon Candied Apple Waffles.

2. Log Cabin Pancake House

The cozy Log Cabin Pancake House is a Gatlinburg tradition where guests can experience a nostalgic trip back in time when there were heartybreakfast in Gatlinburg restaurant meals and friendly folks who were glad to help out anyone they met. While enjoying the best in southern hospitality, diners at the Log Cabin Pancake House can order traditional breakfast favorites such as omelets, country ham and waffles. However, as the name implies, the restaurant specializes in all types of mouthwatering pancakes, including Wild Blueberry Pancakes, Butterscotch Chip Pancakes and Log Cabin Walnut Pancakes.

3. Pancake Pantry

The Pancake Pantry is one of the most famous restaurants in Gatlinburg TN, as it dates back to 1960 when it became the first pancake house in Tennessee. Both locals and tourists alike are repeat visitors, as the restaurant’s fresh whipped cream, real butter and ‘made from scratch’ ingredients keeps everyone coming back for more! In addition to the great food, the Pancake Pantry has a pleasant ambiance due to a construction of rustic copper, rich oak and century old brick. Therefore, kick back to enjoy a breakfast and choose from a tempting selection of more than a dozen pancake choices.

breakfast restaurants in Gatlinburg4. Atrium Pancakes

Gatlinburg certainly isn’t short on pancake houses, and Atrium Pancakes is another one of the best breakfast restaurants in town. This traditional pancake house has been serving Gatlinburg visitors for more than 20 years and it is one of the last true “Mom and Pop” restaurants left in town. Everything at Atrium Pancakes is homemade, and diners can select from 25 different varieties of pancakes, including the famous Baked Apple Pancake. Other pancake specialties include Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pancakes, Caribbean Pancakes and Banana-Nut Pancakes. Don’t worry if you slept in late, as Atrium Pancakes serves breakfast throughout their lunch hours as well!

After a delicious breakfast at one of the many excellent breakfast restaurants in Gatlinburg, TN, you can look forward to spending the afternoon in your cozy cabin at Jackson Mountain Homes. Browse our cabins in Gatlinburg to start planning your vacation to the Smokies today!

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