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3 Things to Do Indoors When You Stay in a Vacation Rental in Gatlinburg TN

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  • June 28, 2017
A little girl playing a board game with her family on the carpet.

There’s always that point during your vacation that you just want to have a lazy day in. Usually that means flipping through the channels on TV to find a show or a movie to relax with. But your rest day can be so much more fun! When you decide to stay in instead of leaving your vacation rental in Gatlinburg TN, you want to make the best of the day. We’ve got 3 suggestions of what you can do right inside your cabin!

1. Watch a movie in a cabin with a home theater!

Sometimes the best lazy days are when you decide to try to tackle all kinds of movies in one night! A home theater givesHome theater in a Jackson Mountain Homes Gatlinburg cabin you the perfect chance to do just that! You can pop some popcorn, get everyone in their seats and hit play. You’ll get the theater feel without any of the theater people. Plus, no one will shush you when you start quoting the movie or react to a particularly funny or scary scene. And you don’t have to restrict yourself to an entire series! Make it a chick flick marathon, an action marathon or anything you want to see. You can also bring your own movies with you! The possibilities are endless! You can check out our vacation rentals in Gatlinburg TN with home theaters here!

2. Do you have kids? Build a fort or play games!

This is a great idea, especially if you have little kids. Pillow forts are a must if you have kids with you on vacation. You can get creative with the forts and split into teams to see who can make the best pillow fort. It could be adults versus kids or an age old battle of boys against girls. The fun you’ll have while building a fort will bring back memories of when you were a kid yourself. And, if no one can decide who’s fort is better, you could always settle the argument with a coin toss. Or you could pick up a few small nerf guns and have a showdown.

People playing arcade gameMany of our cabins have game rooms or game consoles, too. If you’re in one of these cabins with game rooms, you can play pool, arcade games, foosball or even air hockey! This is a great way to spend an afternoon with your family without having to leave your cabin!

3. Binge watch your favorite Netflix shows!

When you choose a vacation rental in Gatlinburg TN with wifi, you’ve got the opportunity to watch your favorite Netflix show. Or, if you want to re-watch every season of a show before the new season comes out, this is the perfect time to start that journey! Curl up on the couch with some snacks and pull up Netflix to begin your series! Our Gatlinburg cabins with wifi will provide the perfect opportunity for you to relax without using all of your data!

Your rest day on vacation doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun and memorable! There are so many more things you can do indoors when you take a lazy day, but we think these 3 are definitely great things to do! Check out all of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals and we look forward to your stay with us at Jackson Mountain Homes!

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